SOUND PROJECTS R&D addresses the audible anomalies caused by acoustically overlapping drivers and speakers in multiple combinations, inextricably linked with the interference between amplifier, loudspeaker, cabinet and room, improvements in logistics, transport, cluster design and installation time.

This has resulted in very light and small, pragmatic speaker-systems that do justice to every musical detail, yet remain utterly convenient in operation.

It’s neither obvious nor easy to link environmental sustainability to sound reinforcement.

SOUND PROJECTS R&D always has and continues to strive for methods, as well as product designs, that pair a minimal ecological footprint to better performance and easier handling.

To that end and since 2007, all our company workspaces are exclusively lit with LED and PL while the use of electric bikes or cars is encouraged for personal transportation.

Tangible results:

  • Substantial transport size and weight reduction: most SOUND PROJECTS are easy to handle and cheap to transport.
  • Real plug-and-play: no worries on impedance or overloading amps or drivers. Need one more cabinet per side? Just plug-in. Need one more again? Just plug-in (and vice versa of course).
  • Taking care of the sound system should be a pleasure, not a burden or a workout.
  • In 2015 our premises received an energy class A status.