S A R A H & B O B

Sarah & Bob

Sarah is the sublimation of a perfect reproducer to an elegant object of art.

Based on a lifetime of experience with music registration and many designs of professional self-powered Sound Project installations all over the world, Jan Slooter has designed Sarah as an individual, unique work of art. Hence she is still available on request only.

Bob is Sarah's introvert, modest companian and relieves her of the lowest octaves. A harmonious solution, since Bob possesses sufficient power to easily take care of her as well. Bob was produced as a limited edition.

Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah


Child is feeling. Child is emotion.

Child bridges the gap between, the obviously accepted, implemented technique and ones personal involvement in music.

Child Child Child


Child Child

D A N C E - S T A C K


Deeplicious dance stack

The Deep Trance Dance Stack 

was custom designed and made based on excisitng prototypes and made on request for Deeplicious in Hengelo. The system should equal or outperform similar systems from the popular brands and look modest but impressive. The system "tone" can best be described as rich, smooth and deep. A must hear.

C E N T R E - C L U S T E R


Custom minicluster NCH Dublin

The NCH Centre Cluster 

was designed in the 1990's on request of Dublin National Concert hall. Most specific demand was that it should be as small as possible because the management did not want any technical apparatus in the sightlines of this magnificent auditorium. Yet speech and modern music should be enhanced as much as possible.  

X - P E R I E N C E


X-perience, a Dolby compliant, self powered, hifi cinema design with exceptionel transparent HD audio performance.

Capable to cover audiences up to 500. Combines very High Fidilety with extrme little depth. Manufactured in a small quantity

X-pereience Cinema system X-pereience Cinema system