Our Philosophy

The clever, electronic,


It is common practice to combine crossovers, equalisers, amplifiers and speaker cabinets of different brands. Sound Projects integrates it all: η-max® (eta-max). η-max® is a proprietary electronic circuitry that presents an optimal working environment for all components. A crucial part of the η-max® circuit is the Dual Audio-logic Level Control (DALC), a dual operating RMS based gain riding circuit. The DALC maintains the tonal balance of the sound as perceived by the human ear, even at very high levels and protects the drivers from overheating. The DALC, in harmony with the dedicated crossover and MICRO-AMP® perform as an integral network with the respective speaker or driver to further reduce acoustical distortion and maintain ultimate reliability.


All Sound Projects cabinets are designed with strict legislations regarding labour in mind e.g. CE, ARBO, UL and TÜV. In addition, Sound Projects incorporate practical and smart design features in handling, use, transport and storage. Flying hardware is designed conform international safety standards and made easy accessible, convenient to handle and obvious in systematic.

Unorthodox cabinet construction

Cabinets are constructed by means of unorthodox combinations of different wood laminates, proprietary mouldings, wave-guides and aviationtype aluminium  sandwich panels. Each cabinet will have it’s own specific combination to ensure maximum reliability and reduced weight and size.

Unique sub-low systems

Good bass response is difficult. Sound Projects has a wide range of sublow systems. From a single 15” to a double 21”. For making a larger format system we have produced a double 15” low-mid cabinet, it could be used with the dreamline or a large setup with SPX4. Any performance and any subjective taste. Vertical beaming as well as cardioid radiation patterns can readily be accomplished by adaptive stacking and/or rigging, combined with digital beam steering if deemed necessary. The efficiency in the lowest octave (25-50 Hz) depends first and foremost on the capacity of the cabinet and tuning of the port. Sound Projects Compact series employ 15-inch sub-low drivers that combine a longer linear excursion and more volume displacement with faster attack.

Proprietary wave-guide/horn designs

Horn-designs and / or wave-guides are a key aspect of most Sound Projects cabinets. Each design is optimised to retain maximum driver-loading and create a point-source or line source by manipulating both the radiation pattern and physical alignment of the carefully matched horn-driver combinations. All horns and wave-guide combinations provide a precise, constant projection and a smooth reduction of the radiated energy outside the specified opening angles. For the audience this means increased intelligibility, stable centre/stereo image and clean impulse response.