SPX60 is a full-range, self-powered sound reinforcement system with a rotatable horn, featuring a tightly controlled vertical and horizontal dispersion pattern. This feature enables the use of the SPX60 as a stand-alone system, both vertically and horizontally. The SPX-60 packs a carefully matched 12-inch mid/bass driver and a 1.4-inch HF driver loaded on a rotatable constant directivity horn with 60 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical dispersion.

The SPX-60 excels in smooth acoustic coupling, vocal transparency and SPL in small to medium sized configurations. Together with an accompanying sub low system, like an SP15E or SP18E sub cabinet, the frequency response can be extended an octave downwards. For most programme material the power balance between one SPX60 and one SP15E or SP18E sub-low will be just right.