X-act V2


The legend refined! For more than 25 years the X-act is proving to be a most reliable, optimum blend of faithful audio reproduction and versatility. The V2 version is technically and optically improved. Like its predecessor, the new X-act can immediately be recognised by its perfect voice reproduction. This is because the human ear is extremely sensitive to deviations in this vital part of the frequency spectrum.

The X-act V2 housing combines a lightweight, TSG moulded, ergonomical cabinet construction with aluminum reinforcing which is 2,4 kg lighter than the V1. The resulting 12,1 kg make the X-act a featherweight to handle, without affecting its ruggedness. The X-act V2 is a near perfect floor monitor, but also excells as elegant F.O.H. system, independent distributed system or any type of infill.

The SALC (Single Audio-logic Level Control) speaker management is an RMS based gain riding circuit which maintains the tonal balance of the sound as perceived by the human ear. Especially at high levels. State-of-the-art modelling techniques and acoustic simulation programs dictate rounded cabinet shapes, manifold reinforcing ribs and no parallel surfaces. A shared wave-guide properly loads the 1” and 10” drivers. The result is minimal coloration in the “speech-band“ over a wide, yet stable sweet listening spot.

V2 updates:

  • Improved roadproof hexagon grill
  • 2,4 kg weight reduction
  • 24bit/96Khz low latency DSP filter board
  • Auto switching power supply (100~230V)
  • Improved bass control at higher max. SPL
  • Low standby power consumption (meets 2013 ErP Lot 6 0.5W requirements)